A large part of the Legacy family traveled to Myrtle Beach this past week for Groove Nationals Dance Competition. A huge congrats goes out to the Competition Team for the recognitions they received for months of hard work. Congrats also go out to the all the dancers of our production number Proud To Be An American for their recognitions. A big thanks to all who supported our dancers, both at home and those who traveled with us.

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Madison DOTW.jpg

Our Legacy Dancer of the Week is Madison!

Madison had a great first year of dance. She enjoys doing barre work, especially when she gets to tilt her head back and do brush kicks. Madison also spends time away from class adding to her dance knowledge by watching ballet on television and YouTube. When not dancing, she enjoys playing and making new friends.

Congrats Madison!


Karli DOTW.jpg

Our Legacy Dancer of the Week is Karli!

Karli has been in dance for six years. A dancer through and through, she can be found dancing 24/7! Karli looks forward to being a competition dancer. She plans to continue dancing into adulthood “just like Ms. Alex.” In the rare moment that Karli isn’t dancing, she also enjoys singing, reading and teaching others. Her favorite movie is The Greatest Showman. Karli has a kind spirit and she loves to help others.

Congrats Karli!


Abby DOTW.jpg

Our Legacy Dancer of the Week is Abigail!

In her sixteenth year of dance, Abigail loves how she can tell a story through body movements and emotions. A member of our Competition Team, Abigail is focused and fiercely loyal. When not dancing, she enjoys singing, acting, photography and eating (specifically Taco Bell). Abigail is pursuing an Electronic Media and Film Degree in college with a goal of becoming a wedding photographer.

Congrats Abby!


Summer P DOTW.jpg

Our Legacy Dancer of the Week is Summer!

Summer has been dancing for three years. She really loves learning new things at her dance classes. Summer also enjoys meeting new people through dance. When Summer is not dancing, she enjoys spending time playing with her little sisters and playing around the house.

Congrats Summer!

You can see Summer and the entire Legacy Dance Company at this year’s production next weekend! All the information is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2318672051788523/


Nikki DOTW.jpg

Our Legacy Dancer of the Week is Niki!

Niki has been taking dance for 7 years, but the fifth grader has had dancing feet all her life.  Niki works hard in class and looks forward to showing off all she has learned up on the stage.  Niki’s favorite subject in school is math.  When not dancing, she enjoys art and especially drawing.  

Congrats Niki!


Lillian DOTW.jpg

Our Legacy Dancer of the Week is Lillian!

In just her first year of dance, Lillian has made great strides since beginning classes with us. She is just a joy to teach. Lillian loves the pretty dresses that she gets to wear while dancing. She started showing her dance moves off as soon as she was able to stand and hasn’t stopped since. When not at dance, she enjoys spending time with her sister and playing house.

Congrats Lillian!


Moms DOT.jpg

This week we celebrate our Dance Moms!

For all you do all year long in support of your dancer and all dancers, we celebrate you! There is not one defining connection that makes one a dance mom. Instead, we hold inclusive all of those who with unwavering support have embodied the spirit and therefore may proudly claim the title of Dance Mom. If you are likely to find hair spray coated bobby pins in every nook and cranny of your home and car, if you have gladly purchased dance shoes or tights with a smile knowing that the sacrifice is worth every penny, or if you have kept silent through their tears and just offered a hug knowing they have bad days too . . . Thank you! For the travel, the time, the tears, the applause, the friendship, the love, the lipstick . . . for everything, Thank you.

We love you all!!


Bella DOTW.jpg

Our Legacy Dancer of the Week is Bella!

Bella has been part of our dance family for 6 years. She can be on the quiet side, but when it’s time to give a performance she just loves to sing and dance. When she is away from her classes, Bella still enjoys being creative with both dance and art!

Congrats Bella!

Photo credit: Kimberly Joy Williams via Facebook