Our Legacy Dancer of the Week is Aribelle!

Aribelle is 3 years old and this is her first official year dancing with the Legacy Dance Company. When Belle was just 4 months old she portrayed baby Simba in the senior hip hops "Circle of Life" routine. She kept this role for a year and participated with the girls at all the competitions in the 2017 year. Last year, she was a genie, baby dragon and baby Chewbacca in the Shirley Darling Dancers recital and performed with her mommy in a mommy and me dance for Royal Performing Arts.  Belle loves to dance with her friends in her classes and the older girls on the competition team. When Belle is not dancing she loves to sing, play with her Hatchimals, do puzzles and make crafts. She is very excited to go out on stage this year and show everyone what she has been working on in Ms. Edwinas class.

Congrats Aribelle!