It was Martha Graham who once said, “Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.” These are words Alexandra Lewis has embraced and embodied in her dance journey. Alex started dancing at Shirley Darling Dancers in 1993 and has continued in the program for the past 25 years. Alex always looked up to Shirley as a role model. It was her dream to follow in Shirley’s foot steps to one day become a director of her own program. She would seek guidance from Shirley and would welcome the knowledge Shirley bestowed upon her, to shape her own teaching techniques. In 2009 Shirley gave Alex the opportunity to teach her own class. She was ready take the insight Shirley had provided her and channel it into her teaching. From then on Alex has used her passion for dancing to inspire others while shaping budding dancers.

Since Alex started dancing 25 years ago she has worked hard to accomplish numerous goals. In 2005 she began dancing ballroom, and co-founded L&A Performing Arts. During her ballroom career she competed from 2006 to 2012 winning numerous platinum awards, first place overalls, costume awards, entertainment awards in both Regional and National competitions. Her ballroom background led her to receive Professional Ballroom Status in 2011. During her time teaching, Alex has performed alongside her students twice in Disney World, in 2009 and 2013. Alex founded the Elite Darling Dancers competition team in 2014 and is currently on her fourth year as the competition team director. This past year she traveled with the competition team to NYC to take a master class with Lauryn Ciardullo from Broadway’s Aladdin as well as drop in classes at Broadway Dance Center. In years past Alex has attended different workshops including the Pulse Teacher workshop in New York City. This year she will be continuing her education and love of dance by attending the Summit Teacher Workshop in New York City to further her dance knowledge.

Alex would like to thank Shirley for the guidance she has offered her for the past 25 years, for Shirley becoming her role model showing her what it means to be a dance teacher, and for being able to see what being a great dancer means because of her passion.  Alex would also like to thank her parents, Bruce and Mary Herrmann for their countless hours spent supporting Alex from driving her to and from practice, mending costumes and shoes, and even dancing on stage. We would like to take this time to welcome Alexandra Lewis as our new director.

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